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Pride And Prejudice :: essays research papers

Pride and Prejudice is an anecdote around two wedded couples who don't regard one another. Mrs. Bennet business is to get her five little girl's to wed the most extravagant man in England. She is happy to take on any snags that hold her up. Mr. Bennet is a frank and harsh individual. On the off chance that there is anything he detests about mrs. Bennet or about what she is doing, he let her know. He love to censure his better half. "I see no event for that. You and the young ladies may go, or you may send them without anyone else, which maybe will be still better, for as you are as attractive as any of them, Mr. Bingley may like you the best of the party." I picked this statement since it shows how Mr. Bennet reprimand his better half. Mr bennet messes with Miss Bennet not like a spouse should. "My dear Mr. Bennet," said his woman to him one day, "have you heard that Netherfield Park is let at last?" Mr.Bennet answered that he had not, which he has. Mrs. Bennet is a covetous and pompous lady. Her business is to get all her little girl to wed the most extravagant man in England, and she is eager to take on any obstancles that hold her up. "Oh! Single, my dear, no doubt! A man of huge fortune; four or 5,000 every year. What a fine thing for our girls!". This statement shows how she puts stock in wedding for cash rather than adoration. The percipient lady would prefer her girl's to bite the dust than not wedding. Cited: Had she found Jane in any clear peril, Mrs. Bennet would have been truly hopeless; however being fulfilled on observing her that her sickness was not disturbing she had no desire of her recouping promptly, most likely expel her from Netherfield. I picked this quot on the grounds that it shows she is a terrible mother, in light of the fact that a mother should think about her girl. The lady is killjoy until all her little girl's is hitched. Mr. Bennet and his significant other don't converse with one another with deference. Mr. Bennet favor Elizabeth and Mrs. Bennet likes Jane and Lizzy the most. "Lizzy is anything but somewhat superior to the others; and I am certain she isn't half attractive as Janes, nor half so amiable as Lydia". In any case, you are continually giving her the inclination.

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7 Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

7 Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas 7  Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas 7  Cheap Halloween Costume IdeasWhy break the bank for a Halloween costume you’ll wear a grand total of once?Hello BOILS and GHOULS! As the leaves on the trees begin to turn to BOOtiful SHADES of yellow and DEAD, it’s GRIME to start thinking about what costume you’re going to SCARE for Halloween!You want to have a spooky great look, but you also don’t want to wipe out your entire GRAVE-ings account.That’s why we’re FEAR with some suggestions for CREEPER Halloween costumes.1. With ItThis year’s biggest horror movie is the remake of Stephen King’s It. Or, at least, that’s what we’ve been told. We’re too scared to actually see it. (But we hear good things!)A full Pennywise the clown costume might be a little expensive, but there are cheap alternatives! Just get a friend to do the face makeup, and then cut a rectangular hole in a sheet of cardboard.Color it to look like a storm drain, staple a string that you can tie around your head, and you can recreate  (spooky s poilers)  this iconic movie moment   without getting a full body costume together. Bonus points for having a little paper boat.2. Going battyWhat animal is most associated with Halloween?That’s right: any animal with a skeleton because skeletons are spooky. But bats are a close second. And the Evil Mad Scientist  site has brilliant instructions for an affordable bat costume.Just cut up one of those cheap umbrellas as the instructions describe and attach it under your arms in a plain black outfit. Or attach it to fancy clothes and wear some cheap fangs if you want to be an aristocratic vampire.3. [Cheap TV reference]Cheap TV references can make for cheap costumes. And they don’t have to be current! In fact, it’s almost better if they’re older, because then you can make a new friend every time someone recognizes your costume. Do you like The Office? You could make yourself a version of Jim’s three-hole punch costume for under a buck. For a bit of a throwback, Wilson from Hom e Improvement just takes a fishing hat and a section of fence you can make out of popsicle sticks or cardboard. Like 30 Rock but hate putting effort into costumes even more than Jenna hates things that aren’t about her? Well just cut a little “TGS” out of paper, tape it to a grey sweatshirt, put on some glasses, and you’re Liz Lemon at work! If you’re a couple who likes Parks and Recreation, consider dressing up like Agent Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole. Whatever TV show you love, there’s probably a super cheap costume you can make to honor it.4. Skeleton of funAs mentioned above, the spookiest animal of all is the skeleton. And Martha Stewart has a video showing you how to make a very cheap version of one. All you’ll need is a white shirt and a slightly bigger black shirt that you’re willing to cut slits into to act as the ribs. You can get some face paint too, but we’ll leave that up to you.5. Berry goodWhat’s the spookiest fruit? Dragonfruit, obviously, but we haven’t seen any tips to make a costume for that. So instead, you could try dressing up like a strawberry with this simple costume. The site, Studio DIY, also has a pineapple version, so you and a friend can go as a preassembled edible arrangement.6. Brands brands brandsBrand mascots are like TV characters, except they’re much more explicit about trying to sell you things. Carbon Costume, a site for DIY costumes, has an easy Brawny Man attire as well as a suggestion for a Vince, the Shamwow Guy get-up.  Something like the Hamburglar or the Sun-Maid Raisin girl also makes for an easy project. Maybe you can even get one of those companies to sponsor it! Or at least send you free stuff after you tweet a photo of yourself.7. DIY notNatasha Rachel Smith, financial expert at TopCashback  offered her own DIY recommendation:“If you are crafty, consider making your costume! Having DIY skills is beneficial to creating a fun and frugal costume, and DIY costumes are usually the most m emorable! From a gumball machine to your favorite Nickelodeon characters, the possibilities are endless when you are crafty and creative.”She also had tips for the less creative among us:“If you aren’t crafty and want to buy a costume from a store, make sure to shop for the best deals. Try waiting until the last minute to purchase your costume, to receive a bigger discount. Buying your costume the day before Halloween (or the day after and save it for next year) can save you at least 50  percent off the original price because retailers want to get rid of their remaining inventory.”Members of the TopCashBack team even shared some of their own DIY costume creations with us:“The Spice Girls, the cheapest costume ever! We purchased poster boards and drew spice names on them!“Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from SpongeBob. I repurposed clothes I already owned and purchased dish gloves, rain boots, and the hat. I think I spent $30 total. My friend had to purchase a couple additio nal items such as green leggings, slippers and craft supplies to make the belt and bra, but she only spent $30 as well.“Gumball machine. I was two versions of this and both were very cheap. I repurposed the same red skirt for both. I hot glued pompom balls to the top, and the other we inflated dollar store balloons and shoved them into a trash bag. The only downsides are it took a couple of hours to glue everything on and inflate the balloons.”At the end of the day, as long as you have some sort of costume prepared, you’ll be better off than the person who forgot to think of one until the morning of.Enjoy, stay safe, and have yourself a SCARY holiday!Do you have a great idea for an affordable costume? Let us know by entering The OppLoans #Halloween Budget Sweepstakes on  Facebook and  Twitter and you could win $100!  ContributorsNatasha Rachel Smith  is a personal finance expert at  TopCashBack. Natasha’s background is in retail, banking, personal finance and consumer empowe rment; ranging from sales to journalism, marketing, public relations and spokesperson work during a 17-year career period. She’s originally from London, UK, but moved to Montclair, New Jersey, USA, several years ago to launch and run the American arm of the British-owned TopCashBack brand; a global consumer empowerment and money-saving portal company.

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Outlines for Every Type of Writing Composition

An outline is a plan for or a summary of a writing project or speech. Outlines are usually in the form of a list divided into headings and subheadings that distinguish main points from supporting points. Most word processors contain an outlining feature that allows writers to format outlines automatically. An outline may be either informal or formal. Informal Outlines The working outline (or scratch outline or informal outline) is a private affair — fluid, subject to constant revision, made without attention to form, and destined for the wastebasket. But enough working outlines have been retrieved from wastebaskets that something can be said about them...A working outline usually begins with a few phrases and some descriptive details or examples. From them grow fragmentary statements, tentative generalizations, hypotheses. One or two of these take on prominence, shaping into the main ideas that seem worth developing. New examples bring to mind new ideas, and these find a place in the list of phrases, canceling out some of the original ones. The writer keeps adding and subtracting, juggling and shifting, until he has his key points in an order that makes sense to him. He scribbles a sentence, works in a transition, adds examples...By then, if he has kept expanding and correcting it, his outline comes close to being a rough summary of the ess ay itself. Wilma R. Ebbitt and David R. Ebbitt Using the Outline as a Draft Outlining might not be very useful if writers are required to produce a rigid plan before actually writing. But when an outline is viewed as a kind of draft, subject to change, evolving as the actual writing takes place, then it can be a powerful tool for writing. Architects often produce multiple sketches of plans, trying out different approaches to a building, and they adapt their plans as a building goes up, sometimes substantially (it is fortunately much easier for writers to start over or make basic changes).   Steven Lynn The Post-Draft You might construct an outline after, rather than before, writing a rough draft. This lets you create a draft without restricting the free flow of ideas and helps you rewrite by determining where you need to fill in, cut out, or reorganize. You may discover where your line of reasoning is not logical; you may also reconsider whether you should arrange your reasons from the most important to the least or vice versa in order to create a more persuasive effect. Ultimately, outlining after the first draft can prove useful in producing subsequent drafts and a polished final effort. Gary Goshgarian Topic Sentence Outlines Two types of outlines are most common: short topic outlines and lengthy sentence outlines. A topic outline consists of short phrases arranged to reflect your primary method of development. A topic outline is especially useful for short documents such as letters, e-mails, or memos...For a large writing project, create a topic outline first, and then use it as a basis for creating a sentence outline. A sentence outline summarizes each idea in a complete sentence that may become the topic sentence for a paragraph in the rough draft. If most of your notes can be shaped into topic sentences for paragraphs in the rough draft, you can be relatively sure that your document will be well organized. Gerald J. Alred and Charles T. Brusaw Formal Outlines Some teachers ask students to submit formal outlines with their papers. Here is a common format used in constructing a formal outline: I. (main topic) A. (subtopics of I)B. 1. (subtopics of B)2. a. (subtopics of 2)b. i. (subtopics of b)ii. Note that subtopics are indented so that all letters or numbers of the same kind appear directly under one another. Whether phrases (in a topic outline) or complete sentences (in a sentence outline) are used, topics and subtopics should be parallel in form. Make sure that all items have at least two subtopics or none at all. Example of Vertical Outline To outline your material vertically, write your thesis at the head of the page and then use headings and indented subheadings: Thesis: Though many things make me want to score goals, I love scoring most of all because it momentarily gives me a sense of power. I. Common reasons for wanting to score goals A. Help teamB. Gain gloryC. Hear cheers of crowd II. My reasons for wanting to score goals A. Feel relaxed 1. Know Im going to score a goal2. Move smoothly, not awkwardly3. Get relief from pressure to do well B. See world in freeze-frame 1. See puck going into goal2. See other players and crowd C. Feel momentary sense of power 1. Do better than goalie2. Take ultimate mind trip3. Conquer anxiety4. Return to Earth after a moment Besides listing points in order of rising importance, this outline groups them under headings that show their relation to each other and to the thesis. James A.W. Heffernan and John E. Lincoln Sources: Ebbitt, Wilma R. and David R. Ebbitt. Writers Guide and Index to English. 6th edition, Scott, Foresman, 1978. Lynn, Steven. Rhetoric and Composition: An Introduction. 1st edition, Cambridge University Press, 2010. Goshgarian, Gary and Kathleen Krueger. An Argument Rhetoric and Reader. 8th edition, Pearson, January 19, 2014. Alred, Gerald J. and Charles T. Brusaw. Handbook of Technical Writing. 8th edition, St. Martins Press, March 7, 2006. Heffernan, James A.W. and John E. Lincoln. Writing: A College Handbook. 3rd edition, W.W. Norton Co, 1990. Coyle, William and Joe Law. Research Papers. 15th edition, Cengage Learning, June 10, 2009.

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Does the Media Influence Young Womens Body Image in Ireland

Does the media influence young women’s body image in Ireland? The department of Health estimates that 200,000 people are affected by eating disorders every year in Ireland of which 80 people die as a result ( In a study on Irish girls 27.2% were found to exhibit clinical levels of bulimia, with 71.4% of Irish adolescents feel adversely affected by media portrayal of body weight and shape ( Self-image was the number one factor that affects the mental health of Irish teens ( In Ireland very often teenagers and young women compare themselves to the models they see in magazines and other forms of media such as television shows and billboards, in regards to their physical†¦show more content†¦ 2. Accessed on: 24/02/13 Title: Mental health what helps and what hurts. 3. Hannah Jones, et al. INTERNALIZATION OF THE THIN IDEAL, WEIGHT AND BODY IMAGE CONCERNS. Social Behavior amp; Personality: An International Journal 31.1 (2003): 81. 4. Wang, Youfa; Beydoun, May A (2007). The obesity epidemic in the United States—gender, age, socioeconomic, racial/ethnic, and geographic characteristics: a systematic review and meta-regression analysis. Epidemiologic Reviews 29: 6–28. doi:10.1093/epirev/mxm007. PMID 17510091 5. Martin, Mary C. and Gentry, James W. Stuck in the Model Trap: The Effects of Beautiful Models in Ads on Female Pre-Adolescents and Adolescents Journal of Advertising, 1997, p. 19. 6. Hockenbury, Don and Hockenbury, Sandra (2008). Psychology, p. 593. Worth Publishers, New York. 7. Accessed on: 25/02/13 Title: Body image, media and eating disorders. 8. Accessed on: 25/02/13 Title: RCPsych Eating Disorders Section: Statement on the influence of the media on eating disorders. 9.Show MoreRelatedBody Shop in China4288 Words   |  18 PagesThe Body Shop in China: Market Feasibility Research and Strategy Design DU Yuping 1,2, Mai Jinger2 School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University 2 School of International Trade and Economics Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, P. R. China, 510420 1 Abstract: The well-known British brand, the Body Shop, is a strong advocate of environment and human rights. In recent years, it has accelerated its global presence by its naturally inspired, ethically produced beauty and cosmeticsRead MoreClothing Store Case Study8603 Words   |  35 Pagesinternational competition in Belgium, Europe called ‘Les Etoiles de la mode’, an annual young designers award. She made a major international media impact, and was the first Pakistani fashion designer who created awareness of Pakistani Fashion on the world circuit, when she finished top 3 in the final rankings amongst 22 participating countries including global fashion giants like, France, Italy, Japan, and U.S.A. A media darling of the local press, Maria B. opened her first outlet in 1998 in DHA CommercialRead MoreWine Consumption Essay examples6888 Words   |  28 Pageshallmarks of California wine production. But many vintners are looking beyond this triumvirate and exploring new blends and grape varietals—Pinot Grigio, Tempranillo and Petite Syrah, to name a few—previously unknown to the area. A new generation of young winemakers are bringing an experimental, innovative sensibility to this pursuit as they exploit the state’s temperate climate and fertile soil—orthodoxy be damned! Several to look for are the Scholium Project’s Prince in His Caves, an exciting sauvignonRead MoreBmw Case Study12111 Words   |  49 PagesBMW: The Power of Image. Ellie Pugh, 369732 Interior Design, 2009. BMWBMWBMWBMWBMWBMW Abstract. Title: Author: Hemis number: Tutor: Date: BMW: The Power of Design. Ellie Pugh. 369732. Heather Coleman. January 2009. To most consumers BMW is simply, a vehicle manufacturer. Is this company another faceless corporation whose only priority is to make its millions? Or have BMW spent the ninety years of their existence building a solid reputation based on quality? This dissertationRead MoreFrankenstein Study Guide14107 Words   |  57 Pagesto plan your instruction of the work and enrich your classroom presentations. In For the Teacher you will find these time-saving instructor aids: †¢ About the Work: pertinent background information on the work and a detailed synopsis of its plot. †¢ Media Links: annotated listings of audio, visual, electronic, and print resources related to the work. †¢ Teaching Options: high-interest activities for introducing the work and individualizing instruction. †¢ Options for Using Related Readings: suggestedRead MoreEthics of Information Communication Technology (Ict)27618 Words   |  111 Pagessignificance as the region struggles with the dynamics o f globalization and the current political environment after the September 11 incident. ICT Ethical Issues Analysing and evaluating the impact of a new technology, such as ICT, can be very difficult. ICT does not only involve technological aspects, but also epistemology since the main component of ICT is information which represents data, information, and knowledge. ICT assists and extends the ability of mankind to capture, store, process, understand, useRead MoreWomen Entrepreneurs: a Critical Review of the Literature12149 Words   |  49 PagesAbstract Increasing numbers of women are becoming leaders of their own businesses, and many are struggling to achieve success. A growing body of theory and research is exploring how different women come to business ownership, their unique leadership challenges and strategies for success, their personal change and the processes of leadership development they experience. This paper reviews literature addressing women business owners from the general perspective of understanding their leadershipRead MoreWomen as Commodity8915 Words   |  36 Pagesthe child, she then, has to allow others to raise the child as if their own. This behavior has raised many concerns about the suitable scope of the market in commercial surrogacy. Some totally object to commercial surrogacy because the children and women’s reproductive ability are treated as a commodity like children as buyer durables and women as baby factories. Since the 1970s, there has been rapid and wide ranging development in the field of new reproductive technologies (NRT). With donor inseminationRead MoreWomen as Commodity8899 Words   |  36 Pagesthe child, she then, has to allow others to raise the child as if their own. This behavior has raised many concerns about the suitable scope of the market in commercial surrogacy. Some totally object to commercial surrogacy because the children and women’s reproductive ability are treated as a commodity like children as buyer durables and women as baby factories. Since the 1970s, there has been rapid and wide ranging development in the field of new reproductive technologies (NRT). With donor inseminationRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesCentury of Environmental Transitions †¢ Richard P. Tucker 315 About the Contributors †¢ 343 _ IN TR OD UC TIO N Michael Adas B y any of the customary measures we deploy to demarcate historical epochs, the twentieth century does not appear to be a very coherent unit. The beginnings and ends of what we choose to call centuries are almost invariably years of little significance. But there is little agreement over when the twentieth century c.e. arrived, and there were several

Rates of Reaction Lab Investigation Free Essays

Chemestry Lab Rates of Reaction (Picture from: http://sciencespot. net/Pages/kdzchem. html) The rate of reaction is how fast or slow a reaction is completed. We will write a custom essay sample on Rates of Reaction Lab Investigation or any similar topic only for you Order Now This is important for factories and chemists all over the world. What happenes during a reaction is atoms or molecules that collide and form new molecules. You can affect this rate of reaction with: temperature of reactants or suroundings, surface area of reactants, if there is a catalyst present, but in theis lab the concentration was changed as the IV. The reaction rate is masured in change/time, in this case it was: volume of gass produced/minutes. Gas was measured in ml/minute, and this was the DV. Aim of lab was: To find the change in rate if reaction, depending on the concentration of hydrocloric acid. Hypothesis: If the concentration of hydrocloric acid is increased, the rate of reaction will increase and the volume of gass will increase. The reasoning behind the hypothesis is that when there are more molecules in the solution the reactants collide more often, so more product is made in a shorter periode of time. The equation was: Mg + 2HCl MgCl2 + H2 Similar article: Measuring Reaction Rate Using Volume of Gas Produced Independent variable| Dependent variable| Controled variables| Value| How to control the CV| Concentration of acid| Rate of reaction| Vol of acid| 20 ml| Measure using a 50ml Measuring cylinder| 2 moles pr. L| Vol of gas| Temp of acid| Room temp. | Not controlled, only montored| 1 moles pr. L| | Amount of Mg| 5 cm or ribbon/ 0. 07g| Ruler, and weight| 0. 5 moles pr. L| | Precence of catalyst| No| Not have a catalyst| 0. 25 moles pr. L| | Type of acid| Hydrocloric| Have same type of acid| Method: 1. Gather aparatus and materials, and set up as shown in diagram below aparatus list. 2. Bucket + water 3. Measure temp, in room and water 4. Fill measuring cylinder with water 5. Rubber tube + sidearmed test tube 6. Obtain 0. 08 g using a weight, place in side-armed test tube 7. 20 ml HCl of 2 moles pr. L in measuring cylinder 8. Place measuring cylinder in bucket with water, upside down, without air leaking in to the cylinder when flipped. 9. Puor HCl into side-armed testtube. 10. Start the stopwatch 11. Close the top of the side-armed test tube by placing rubber tap 12. Weight 3 min. be accurate using the stopwatch 13. Record ml of gas produced 14. Reapeat the experiment twise pr. Concentration: 2 moles pr L, 1 mole pr. L, 0. 5 moles pr. L and 0. 25 moles pr. L Aparatus list: Sidearemd testtube – Rubber plug – Rubber tube – Bucket – Water – 2x 100ml measuring cylinder – 400ml Beaker – 40 ml in each concentration type of HCl acid, 2, 1, 0. 5 and 0. 25 M. Pr. L – 8x 0. 08g of Mg ribbon – Stopwatch Raw data table showing amount of gas created in the two trials of the experiment: Concentration in moles pr. L| Trial 1 – ml og gass produced in 3 min| Trial 2 – ml og gass produced in 3 min| 0. 25| 8| 10| 0. 50| 30| 32| 1. 00| 70| 73| 2. 00| 61| 65| First proceced data table showing average of gas made: Concentration in moles pr. L| Average of trial 1 and 2 in ml of gas produced in 3 min| 0. 25| 9| 0. 50| 31| 1. 0| 71. 5| 2. 00| 63| Proceced data table showing rate of reaction: Formula used=ml of gass produced/time (in seconds) Concentration in moles pr. L| Rate of reaction calculation in ml/sec| Rate of reaction result in ml/sec| 0. 25| 9/180| 0. 05| 0. 50| 31/180| 0. 17| 1. 00| 71. 5/180| 0. 40| 2. 00| 63/180| 0. 35| Graph showing the rate of reaction: Conclusion: As the results clearly show, the rate of reaction increases rapidly and this strongly supports my hypothesis. The amount of succesfull collisions increased, because of increased number of atoms in the product, so when the concentration was increased it rate of reactio n increases. There are more collisions because of more atomes, and therefor more succesfull once. Evaluation: Random errors: * Therometer used to measure temperature * Inaccuracy of +/- 1 C * Balance weight used to measure Mg ribbon * Inaccuracy of +/- 0. 01 g * Measuring cylinders used to measure volume of acid and volume of gas * Inaccuracy of +/- 0. 5 ml * Ruler used to measure Mg ribbon * Inaccuracy of +/- 0. 1 cm Ways to prevent random errors and improve the method: – Compleet the experiment more times Systematic errors: – As you see in the graph, the fourth result was anomalus. During the 3 minutes the magnesium ribbon was â€Å"used up† in a very short period of time. The rate was so fast in the 2 moles per liter that it was over in under a minutte, but in the other concentration types it tok longer time for the reaction to compleet. Therefor we have to look away from the highest concentrations, and focus on the three lowest. This was a big weakness in the lab. – When pouring the HCl acid into the side armed test tube, some of the reaction had been compleeted before we had time to put the rubber stopper on every time. The temperature was only monitored, not controlled. Ways to reduce systematic errors and improve the lab: * Have a shorter reaction time: shorten the time form 3 min to around 1 minutte. * Use a fisle-funnle to prevent gas leaking out before the stopper is placed on the testtube. * Do the experiment in a controlled environment, like in a water bath. Sugestions to possible further investigations into this topic: You can change th e IV, to one of the other factors that affect rate of reaction. Eg. Take the same concentration of HCl acid and change the temperature, or the precence of catalyst. How to cite Rates of Reaction Lab Investigation, Essay examples

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What is Macro and Micro Environment Essay Example

What is Macro and Micro Environment? Paper Macro and Micro environment: How external factor can influence marketing decisions. BY jxdZ143757 Macro and Micro environment: How external factor can influence marketing decisions. Introduction While the managers making efforts to take advantages of their competitors on the on the inside business structure such as to cut the cost down by simplifying the staff group, the macro and micro factors are escaping detection. Unlike internal environment, the macro and micro environments of a business are not changed by the behavior Of its own whilst it is hard for most firms to be ready for reaction to every significant transformation outside. For example, the influence of regime change due to a election or war is hard to anticipate but it is part of marketers’ responsibility. This essay will list and discuss briefly the macro and micro environmental factors and how they influence marketing decisions. Macro environment Social and Culture factors Society is the fundamental element of macro environment. It is the costumers who are valuing products and services. However, the population, lifestyle and tradition are quiet different between regions. And the value and lifestyle of one same region is changing faster along with the time. Firms today have to adapt their products and promotion methods frequently to these changes. For example, Nikkei act more like a fashion brand in East Asia than a sport equipments manufacturer in Europe. Technology Similar to economic factors, technological renew is the hardest to predict. As knowledge and information of human beings is exploding, firms may face different market position and costumer interests every year or even shorter time. The raising smartened is taking the market share of ‘traditional’ personal computer. We will write a custom essay sample on What is Macro and Micro Environment? specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on What is Macro and Micro Environment? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on What is Macro and Micro Environment? specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Marketers must keep anticipate these trends to let business invest on right technology. Modern manufacturers are easier to be beaten by substitute technology or products. International Economy The rotation Of economy is a eternal problem for business all over the world. As the globalization of international economy, the world is moving more and more like a combination. At the same time, the industry chain let the upstream and downstream manufacturers influence each other. Regions and firms form a highly interconnected net, every economic change is globalizes. Marketers have to try to detect the opportunities and threats from the weaving net like the capricious oil price. Political and legal factors Laws are different between countries. An international organization must be used to this issue. Moreover, policy is another active element. Due to election, inside revolution or war, the government and policy could be sharply changed. Firms should predict and react well, sometimes they have to bet. Micro environment While firms can only react to macro environmental changes, they can communicate with micro environment and control it. Customer Business is all about competing for customers. The move Of customers’ interest will lead to the renew of products. The marketers must be clear about what are their interest group and aim market, anticipate the moving value of products, hold customers and attract more. Supplier Suppliers provide resources need by the company. When there is alternative options, marketers could choose from them to cut cost or even instigate a price war among them. But when there is only one supplier for specific material, firms may have to accept high price. But markers could consider about to acquire it by themselves. Competitors Markers should thinking about two questions: Is this industry easy to enter? And what kind of close substitution could be established in the future? Most companies will face the threats of competitors all along. Some have not recognized their opponents well when they are already beaten. Conclusion The core of marketers’ work upon macro and micro environment of business is prediction and set reaction strategies. As firms have less control over these environmental changes generally, the opportunities and threats in the future require competitive abilities of reorganization, communication, analysis and anticipation from marketers who are devoting themselves to the survive and growth oftener companies.